WD 12 hybrid first build ?????


Hello and I am new to this I want to build a boat thing. I have had a hard time deciding what to build. And believe it or not it is between a Wood Duck and a Jimmy skiff 2. I can see my self using both types of boats. Is the stripped top on the hybrid to much for a first time builder ? I feel I can handle the hull but unsure of the skills needed for the hybrid part ? I really like the look of the Hybrid but don’t want to get in over my head on first boat. Any other suggestions I will listen. I have read a lot of good stuff on here and want to learn all I can before I jump in.




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RE: WD 12 hybrid first build ?????

>>Is the stripped top on the hybrid too much for a first time builder?

That depends entirely on the builder.

The difference between the builds is not so much a matter of needing more skill to do a stripper (though that does help), it's the patience, especially if you're building from a kit. The JS2 kit comes with the pieces pre-cut to their final shapes. Any hybrid has more pieces just in the deck than any two Jimmy Skiffs total, and each one needs to be individually shaped and fit.

While shaping a deck piece is simple enough for a beginner, and it gets easier to do as the deck progresses, the length of time to do all the pieces is longer than for a simple S&G hull.

So, if you are the kind of person who enjoys repetitive tasks and gets into a zen-like state making slow but steady progress, where the build is as much fun as actually using the boat, you're a great candidate for a stripped deck. If, on the other hand, you'd rather be sailing than nailing, the Jimmy Skiff is for you.

One final note - the WS and JS water experiences are very different. For that reason you may actually want to build both boats. I have a WD12 and a Brand X sailing/rowing dinghy that's almost a V-bottom version of the Jimmy Skiff and I enjoy them both.

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RE: WD 12 hybrid first build ?????

I have a Jimmy Skiff II kit in the garage. It is awaiting completion of a canoe project, 28" beam. Even then, the  space will be tight.  I need a bigger garage.  I haven't done a WD but the JSII takes more room.  You have to figure access all around the boat.  In my situation the sides get a little confined.   


RE: WD 12 hybrid first build ?????


To date, I have completed 4 S&G Kayaks, 2 Strip kayaks (with another in work) and a 15' sailing skiff.  I would rate both the JS2 and WDH as viable first builder projects. 

Building a hybrid will add some time/complexity over a straight WD but the deck will be easy to strip because it is realatively flat.  If you go that route I recommend that you use staples and B&C strips.  If you are worried about complexity, build a straigh WD.  The only difference will be cosmetics, and the Sapelle deck is pretty good looking.

Building the hull of the JS2 will be very similar to the hull of the WD, there will just be a lot more of it.  The panels will be bigger and harder to handle, the boat is heavier and harder to move, and you will have a lot more surface to sand/paint/varnish.  The added complexity of a JS2 build will be the shaping of the spars and foils.  CLC says 150 hours for a completed sailing version but I would temper that number depending upon how fast you work and what finish level you are going for.  I generally go about 25% over the CLC estimates.  In any event, the JS2 will probably take 2x time of the WDH.

As Lazlo points out, these two designs are quite different.  I would suggest that you choose the one that you will use the most.  The WD is easy to store on a rack on the wall and easily car topped and launched by a single person.  Not so the 150# JS2.  That is a pretty big boat to car top even for two adult males.  If you will be using it solo, you are definately looking for a trailer. 

RE: WD 12 hybrid first build ?????

 I would suggest the wood duck 12 or 14, easy build ,,easy storage and transportation.the regular stitch and glue looks great with more predictable results  .if you want to pretty it up even more add some onlays

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