temperature range for staining

What is the recommended temperature range for applying an alcohol based stain?

How long does it need to dry completely?

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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RE: temperature range for staining

My limited experience with alcohol stains has been substrates at 60-68F, ambient air temps comfortable to work in, or 65-70F.

Too cold will prolong drying (which with alcohol stains is complete once the denatured alcohol [ethanol mostly] has evaporated) while too warm will cause accellerated drying with potential problems with uneven absorption. At 60F complete drying should tale less than 6-8 hours with good air circulation. Watmer conditions will reduce drying tikes.

Keep in mind too that ethanol’s flash point is 14C/ 57F so take appropriate precautions with its use where potential sources of ignition are present: hot lights, radiant or fuel-burning heaters, electric switches that may cause a spark, etc. Though  not nearly as explosive as gasoline, lacquer thinner, acetone etc., a flash fire will ruin your day.

RE: temperature range for staining

Bear in mind also that as alcohol (or other volatile solvents) evaporates it tends to cool the substrate from which it’s evaporating. If relative humidity is high enough where this is going on, water vapor condensation can occur. If you’re staining a porous material like maring ply, any resulting moisture will take a lot longer to dry thoroughly than the alcohol you’ve applied.

(Apologies for the typos in my first post. This is the only forum I follow that doesn’t permit post-edits.... On my iPhone, w/one finger keyboarding, typos just sometimes slip by uncorrected before I hit <Post Message>.)

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