Madness Proa

It seems like the posts on this boat are all several years old. Does anyone know how many have been completed and peoples experiences with them? What type of rigs maybe configured for use with the boat? I'm just trying to get an idea of the total cost for a build....



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RE: Madness Proa

So far, five Madness proas have been built to completion. Four of them are sailing actively, to my knowledge.

As long as you keep the weight down, I can see lots of rig options. One correspondent seemed serious about trying a crab claw rig. If the intricacies are sorted out I'm sure that would work. (As appealing as it is, a cat-schooner, ala "Mbuli," is likely to be too heavy.)

If I had it to do all over again, I'd use the exact same sloop rig you see in the photos.

A resourceful builder should be able to launch a Madness proa for around $20,000.

Pacific Proa

Hull #1 is now in Virginia.

Pacific Proa

This one is in North Carolina.

Pacific Proa

This one is in Los Angeles.

Another one in the Los Angeles area.

Another example in Los Angeles.

There is a completed, professionally-built boat in Pennsylvania, but for obscure reasons I'm not sure it was ever launched.

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