Adding Spacered Inwales Later

Hey folks, 

I had always intended on adding spacered/scuppered inwales to my plans-built Passagemaker, but didn't take the time as I was in a hurry to finish it before moving to the USVI for six months.  As it was, I was only able to take it sailing a handful of times before putting it up for long-term storage.

I'm thinking about adding spacered inwales when I get back, but there's a complication:  I've already done a 1/4" round-over on the inside, which would cause a gap.  I could either fill this gap with wood-flour epoxy or lower the spacered inwale by 1/4".  Both of those options have aesthetic drawbacks, not to mention the hassle of trying to "sculpt" the epoxy.

I don't think it will matter, but I also covered the edge of the shear strake with the gunwale by creating a dado or lip (see pic below).

I've also painted the interior, so I'd probably sand that down to epoxy or wood.

Now that I've stated the challenges, I think I'll stick with it as it is, but it's an interesting prospect.  Thoughts?

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RE: Adding Spacered Inwales Later

I’ll suggest dropping spacers to where round-over ends on gunwale inside face, round over inwale too & secure w/top flush w/gun’l. No reason I can think of why spacers must be top-flush w/ pieces on either side!

Kinda trick prospect for sanding though once assembled then epoxy-coated unless you’re just not so fussy as to overlook a bit of roughness!

RE: Adding Spacered Inwales Later

Hey Captain, since you routed to cover the plywood, as I did, you could plane to the low interior edge of the round-over. This assumes there is enough material not to expose the plywood, You would not have right angles but that should not affect the function.




RE: Adding Spacered Inwales Later

@spclark, that's a really interesting idea.  I never would've thought about that.  Hmmm...  Might also add a shadow line for visual interest.

@bearnkar, I forgot to mention that the oarlock risers are already in place, so probably won't plane down the existing gunwales.  Great idea though.  If I was serious, I could just run it all down to the plywood edge and start from there.  Interesting...

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