WD12 Hybrid Kit Deck Fit

I have a frustrating problem. I am ready to strip the deck on my WD12 (kit) and the bulkhead seems to be a problem. The bulkhead sits between the 7.5 and 8.5 forms, and the top is a good 3/4 of an inch lower than the adjacent forms. It looks like the 8.5 form sits too high in the middle. The funny thing is that that one form (8.5) is rounded on the top, but the drawing in the book shows a slightly flattened out form. I assume that is an older version or just a bad drawing. I just think it is unlikely that the one form would be cut wrong.  

I have remeasured every form and the bulkhead and it is all where it should be. The forms and bulkhead all intersect the hull right at the edge.  As it sits now, there is no way to get the deck strips to line up with the apron. Should I reshape the 8.5 form, or is there a chance that the wrong form was shipped? Other advice???


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RE: WD12 Hybrid Kit Deck Fit


if i had to guess, take the bulkhead out of the equation and work with the forms.

if the strips, when test fit to the forms, take the correct shape, then the bulkhead gets adjusted afterwards.  

most pre-cut bulkheads are not cut with the precision to act as a deck form.  they, bulkheads,  are different animals than the forms in all the kits i have ever worked with involving strip built decks.

that said, you are asking good questions and you should follow-up on the ones you pose with CLC.




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