Gluing up scarfed planks

Working on a Tenderly build (bit of a hiatus over the holidays but back at it) from plans and I'm looking to glue up my scarf joint planks.

The plans suggest  stacking the planks up with wax paper between layers and gluing all at once, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this. I'm mostly concerned that I'll line up the first plank and it'll become misaligned by the time I finish the last plank and clamp everything down.

As a last resort I've considered using staples to hold each layer to the one below, but I'd prefer to avoid the hole if possible.

Also worth noting that I'm deviating from the plans in that I didn't have near enough room in my basement shop to glue up full width sheets of plywood before cutting out the planks, so I have the planks cut out and I'll be gluing them up individually (and that's a lot of planks in the stack). I do have a system devised for ensuring I can get the planks aligned to the plans. I guess the point here is, I can't just rely on the sheer weight/friction between planks to necessarily keep them aligned.



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RE: Gluing up scarfed planks

I’ve used packing tape across the joint. Wax paper is an old school holdover- I’d say best practice today is to keep contaminants (wax) away from your project. Use Mylar, sheet plastic, pieces of 1/8” plexiglass, etc. It’s good to use something with a little stiffness between stacked layers, so that minor scarf irregularities are bridged/smoothed, and not transferrred or propogated to the next layer. Scrap pads of ply, with packing tape laid onto both sides, is another choice. I keep a small stack of these thin cauls under my bench for random purposes like this...

RE: Gluing up scarfed planks

my opinion only, but i am not a fan of stacking for main reason is that i want to see that i have everthing pefectly flat/good joint and its hard to see whats happening to the one that is not on top.

i  typically glue all the panels for one side of the boat, and then another round of glueing for the panels on the other side using the first side as my base to ensure they line up exactly the same.  i will clean up the joint on the first set to ensure i am building the next set on a perfectly smooth base.

i use saran wrap between pieces to prevent them from sticking.



RE: Gluing up scarfed planks

   Thanks nemochad, I'll stick to packing tape.

hspria, that's a great idea, and will save the work of aligning the second half if I spend thee time getting the first half right and then just matching it. That was my concern too, so maybe I'll just stick to one layer.  I ill have enough floor room in the space I'm assembling (not my basement) to lay them out side by side and make sure everything is aligned.

I guess that means I can just lay them directly on the full sheet plans, which also eliminates the need for my planned alignment strategy. Keeping it simple, thanks.

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