Finished my Passagemaker

My take-apart, lug rigged PMD has splashed.  I am really happy how it turned out.  Thanks to all here that provided tips and encouragment.  Here are a few observations for those taking on the project.

1.  My struggles with the transoms have been documented here.  Get them at tight as you can and let epoxy do its magic.

2.  Finishing took way more time than I thought.  Yet I was warned.  Sometimes I don't listen.

3.  I think the instructions on cutting the boat need to be expanded.  It was not as easy as getting out the saw and making your way down the cardboard.  I had to measure from the daggerboard slot to make sure I was on a straight line, which was still a bit iffy.  Others have written about damage to the bulkheads during the cutting process and I had some issues too.  Nothing too major, but squaring it up after cutting was not easy.

4.  The pintles on the rudder head do not fit without a lot of encouragement.  Be prepared to do some bending and possible swearing.

5;  Cutting the spars down on the end (to save a bit of weight) is very difficult without a table saw (which I do not own.).  Cost / benefit of this step seems to not math out.  I would just round over edges and call it a day. 

6.  Trust the process.  It will turn out fine.

I will post some pics when I figure out how.  I took it out in the harbor last week but wind was very light so my sail didn't last long.  But still fun.  Looking forward to more adventures.




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RE: Finished my Passagemaker

I wish you all you of getting her afloat!  All the struggles now seem more than worth it, no?  You are going to have a blast with this handy, versatile, wonderful little boat!


RE: Finished my Passagemaker

Congrats!  I just splashed my non-take-apart a few months ago and have severely enjoyed sailing it.  I will be using it for the Salish 100 raid on Puget Sound in June.

Regarding the pintles, if you follow the plans, they're not on the same plane, which can cause binding.  While in Port Townsend, I saw a PM whose builder had installed a pad that's the same thickness of the motor mount for the lower gudgeon.  This puts both on the same plane and causes the tiller to swing freely.

I chickened out making my PM a take-apart, partially because the additional bulkhead meant I would've needed to buy another whole sheet of okoume for just that one part.  I can say though that my finished boat is pretty heave for one person to move around, possibly due to my gigantic fillets.

RE: Finished my Passagemaker

   Great news.  I too just finished my Passagemaker. It was a great experience and I could not agree more with your #6.  Trust the process.  There were many times I stood back and just looked at the piled wood wondering if it really was going to look like a boat when done.  As we launched last week ( Calif weather was 67) all eyes were on my boat.  Proud moment.   Enjoy boating!   Mike

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