ShopCam problem

Anybody else have trouble watching the shop cam this week?  I can get a static image, both on the CLC site and the Nest site, but nothing happens when I hit the "play" button either place.  If I refresh the screen I get an updated static picture, but still no live feed.  This happens on both Edge and Chrome.  I know one other person having a similar problem.  In the past I got it to work fine.




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RE: ShopCam problem

Same problem on Internet Explorer and Firefox. I could watch it, however, on my iPhone.

George K   

RE: ShopCam problem

Just looked in (on my iPhone X in Safari) via Nest; image looks as though camera’s viewing thru a dirty window.

No wherrys anywhere, lights off, floor swept clean.

Something’s moving on left side of screen periodically, looks close to lens so it’s not a single frame view.

RE: ShopCam problem

I notice one odd new development that may account for this behavior. If you click directly on the "play" icon, nothing happens. However, clicking anywhere else on the still image starts playback of the live video. 

Give that a shot. Does it work for you?

- Matt

RE: ShopCam problem

   Yes, it wasn't that way before but you are correct that clicking off the "Play" button does work for me now.  Thanks for figuring that out!

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