Double and triple check alignment

áJust a reminder to double and triple check alignment of everything before filets and glass. I noticed after fiberglassing joints on my wood duck 12 hybrid build that somehow the last foot of the bow ended up with a twist and was pointing almost an inch right of centerline. It took a days extra work to repair the problem. Trust me when I say that cutting open taped joints and removing cured filets can is not alot of fun. It can be done with a heat gun and alot of patients. I had to split the three seems from the bow back about 18", remove filets, and epoxy. And reshape. Now everything is straight again and back on track.

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RE: Double and triple check alignment

I commend you for hanging in there with it.  Sometimes the biggest challenges are emotional.  Maybe you should name your boat Resolute.  <;-)


RE: Double and triple check alignment

   I am in the finishing stage of my Oxford II build and just noticed the bow is slightly curved toward port, about 1/4". I'm in the process of fairing it with thickened epoxy and kevlar tape, as the rest of the centerline looks ok. Hadn't actually noticed it until the paint went on!

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