Printing on wooden paper to create overlay?

First off let me say thank you to everyone for all of the valuable information on this forum.  I am getting ready to start my first build. A wood duck 12 Hybrid.  Have never taken on a project like this before, but consider myself to be fairy handy, methodical, and not afraid of making and correcting mistakes while trying new things. My kit arrives this coming week and I have been doing lots of research and planing. As far as decoration goes I have seen the use of pre fab inlays/onlays, as well as printing on rice paper.  I was wondering if anyone has tried printing directly onto wooden paper, and creating essentially a printed wooden inlay/inlay.  I came cross this product

Thought it could be interesting to work with. I have ordered a couple of different sheets and thought I would run some test to see how it might turn out, but thought I would check to see if anyone has any experience with it


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RE: Printing on wooden paper to create overlay?

It looks like real great stuff, though I'm not sure if it would survive a trip through my printer. I'd need to draw or paint directly onto it.

Thanks for the tip,



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