Kahalo SUP Fiberglass

I'm at the stage to begin fiberglassing but am a little confused on the order to do things...

1) Should I cut out the hole for my deck plate before or after I fiberglass.

2) Should I do one coat of epoxy for the entire board then go back and do the additional second/third coats to fill the weave or should I complete the underside and then the deck.

3) At what point do the fins go on, when the weave is filled on the underside or after the first coat.

Thanks for any help on this! It seems all the videos and things do it at different stages or skips that detail.

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RE: Kahalo SUP Fiberglass

   I completed mine last week so will answer from my feeling on things but may not be the BEST answers given it was my first build.


1) I havent added a deck plate to mine yet, but in asking CLC directly they suggested installing that after finishing (final varnish/paint done).

2) I dont think it really matters, personally I did fill weaves on the bottom first before doing the top so I could get an overall feel for the process so I could make sure I didn't do anything silly on the more visable deck. Either way, expect to do plenty of sanding after.

3) It is easier to get everything how you want it sanding wise on the board with out the fins getting in the way then adding the fins, or that is my feeling on it. I filled weave, sanded everything nicely then attached the fins and feathered again.

RE: Kahalo SUP Fiberglass

   Thanks for the info! This is my first build as well and I am starting the fiberglass tomorrow so we shall see how it turns out!

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