PMD Gunter Sloop w/ Wooden Mast - Reef Points

So, because I opted for the wooden mast, I've got a fixed gooseneck on the boom.  The Sailrite kit I ordered didn't seem to have an option for reef points built into the sail.  I figure I could do it if I needed to, but first, I wanted to discuss the logistics.

If the boom is fixed and the mainsail is loose-footed, then reefing the main would entail the yard being farther away from the block at the top of the mast, although its constrained by the sail track and sliding gooseneck.

I can always dump wind with mainsail trim, but it might be nice to have a set of reef points ready to engage if needed.  I found an old thread from 2010 where it had begun to be discussed, but no actual findings.

I have plenty of grommets left over from the build and scrap Dacron, so in about an hour, I could install reef points if I knew where to place them.  For that, I'll ask Sailrite, but I thought I'd ask about the feasibility first here.

Any thoughts?

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