Chester Yawl - wiring up

First Build -

After a slow start - learning about epoxy and clean-up, I began wiring the planks together - quite satisfying. The Instruction Manual directs you to join the #1 planks loosely with 3" wires working from bow to stern. This is to be followed by joining the #2 planks to the #1 planks, then repeat with planks #3, 4, 5, and 6. Next steps include pulling the planks together at the bow, attaching planks to the transom, and then turning the hull over and tightening up the wires.

As I worked through planks #1 and 2, there were some areas where the gaps between planks could not be spanned by the 3" wire, so I used longer pieces just to keep things roughly in place. When I got to planks #3, 4, and 5, I was very pleasantly surprised by how nicely the planks fit into place.

Is there any reason to doubt that the gaps that still exist between the #1 planks (in the stern) and #1 and #2 planks (in the bow) will slip into alignment as the bow is pulled together, transom attached, and hull inverted? (see photos)

Thanks for your input.