Foot Pegs Installation

The manual for my 12' Wood Duck advises that we drill holes in the hull to attach the footpegs. There is not much additional detail. 

I am reluctant to follow the procedure for the foot pegs -  I’m just not comfortable drilling holes in the hull. The manual also refers to a kit (for purchase) that secures the foot pegs without requiring holes in the hull. I will likely pursue this option, or forgo the foot pegs all together. 

Has anyone used this kit and if so, was it a sucess.? Also was  the kit usable by an amateur and relatively easy to install ? 

Thanks in advance for your time!


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RE: Foot Pegs Installation

   I installed my footbrace tracks with the same tyrp studs, epoxied and glassed, and all is well many paddles later.   Barry

RE: Foot Pegs Installation

I installed the foot braces by the book and had no problems. You need to seal the holes with 3M marine sealent which should be be used anytime you screw into or through the wood. 

You really need the foot braces to give you a secure and comfortable connection with the boat. You can sit in the boat after the seat is rigged to determine the center point for the tracks.

Enjoy your boat. My WD12 has given me much satisfaction but if I get too bored I may upgrade with a MK 3 sail kit.

RE: Foot Pegs Installation


Agreed. Why go to all the trouble of making a wonderful light watertight hull and then punch holes in it? Here's how I did it on my WD12 a bit over 10 years ago. They're still going strong.

Have fun,


RE: Foot Pegs Installation

 I've used the footbrace mounting kit in 2 boats and they're great. I'm thinking of using them for other projects too. Foolish not to use them!

RE: Foot Pegs Installation

   I bought & used the mounting kit where you don't have to drill through the hull. Do one side at a time and prop them so they don't move while the thickend epoxy sets. I expoxied them in while attached to the foot peg rail to make sure I got the spacing right. The epoxy did not stick to the plastic foot peg rail.

RE: Foot Pegs Installation

I used the kit to install the foot braces in a Petrel I just finished.

Looks real nice not putting holes in my x number of coats of varnsih.

Easy to install and seems it may be a stronger attachment than drilling thru.



RE: Foot Pegs Installation

I have used both systems and functionally, both are the same.  The holes are quicker, easier, cheaper and lighter.  The holeless studs take a little more effort but are easy enough.  It is really just about if the sight of the SS crew heads on the outside of the boat bothers you.  

Ideally, you install the studs/drill holes before installing the deck.  The biggest issue is getting good positioning.  If you are building the boat mostly for one particular paddler, do a test fit with that paddler wearing their preffered paddling shoes.  Mark the most comfortable peg position (both horizontally and vertically) then position the rail considering anybody else who might padlle that boat.

The first picture is doing the test fit on my wife's Ch16LT.  Second is installing the hole-less studs in her Frej.


RE: Foot Pegs Installation

  Thanks to all for the responses. They are *greatly* appreciated. I will try the kit .

As a  point of clarification - my boat is fully built and varnished. I assume one has to reach inside the cockpit to install the brackets. This is sure to be an adventrue :) 

Thanks again to all. 



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