beckson type hatches on a CLC 16L

Any advice on using Beckson type hatches on a Chesapeake 16L instead of the standard ones that come with the kit?

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RE: beckson type hatches on a CLC 16L

   The only time that I have seen Beckson type hatches on a kayak is where they are installed in bulkheads to provide access to areas where there is no deck hatch.  I would certainly never install one on the deck of a wood kayak because it would be terrible unsightly.

The hatches that came with your kit work very well and are very waterproof.  If you don't like the look, you can go with CLC's flush hatch kit.  They are easy to install but are a bit harder to get water proof. 

If you want completly waterproof, then go with the Sea-lect rubber hatches that CLC sells.  The problem with the Sea-lect or a Beckson is that they need a flat area so they do not work on a radiused deck like your 16LT has.  One solution is to install a hatch recess.  If you do not want to design your own, Clear Stream Custom Boats has a set of free plans that you can download.  

In the picture below, both the Chesapeakes have the standard hatches, The Shearwater Double and bot strip boats have flush hatches, and the Petrel Play has Sea-lect hatches with hatch recesses.

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