Launch Day!

Yesterday my Skerry got wet for thefirst time.

As I remember from a trial at the Wooden Boat show in Mystic she rows sweetly.  In fact she rows better than I row her.

Now to finish the rig so we can go sailing!

Paul T.

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RE: Launch Day!

Haha, pics or it never happened ;-)

RE: Launch Day!

We want pics!  We want pics!  We want pics!  We want pics!  We want pics!  We want pics!  ....  <;-)


RE: Launch Day!

Where are the pictures?   

RE: Launch Day!

Mercy.  Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "motley crew" you think?  <;-)

RE: Launch Day!

Here it (might be), my launch day picture...  


RE: Launch Day!

Close.  Using the link without the IMG tags, inserted using the "Image" tool button, and paring the width down to 575 will actually insert the photo like so:

I with you all joy of your very nice looking boat!

Bit of tide range wherever this is?

Thanks for sharing the photo!



RE: Launch Day!

   Great looking boat, good job!  Thanks for sharing

RE: Launch Day!

   Awesome, nice job. Love the color!

RE: Launch Day!


it was launch day yesterday for my passage maker. Really enjoyed this winter project. 

After having the first sail I need some pointers on what you folks have done. 

First I need help with posting pics as my attempt came in too large for this post iPhone pick..

folding the main with the yard attached is bulky. Do I have to unlace it every time. I was hoping to drop the sail and fold boom , mast , sail and yard  all in one. Is this ever done? Is there a technique someone might suggest? 

Thee kids under 10 works good for movable ballast. But two adults are a bit awkward one in the bow, one on the stern seat. It looks like it would be better to sit in the bilge but it's a bit of a wet option when you have practiced man overboard drills with the kids. 

RE: Launch Day!


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