Labor of Love

OK, so I've been working on my Eastport Pram for a year or so & am close to finishing. Sometimes, when I go to my workshop I have a hard time moving beyond just looking at her & often get stuck just admiring the visual beauty of the unfinished boat. I "commune" with her for a while & walk around just running my finger tips along the smoothness of the wood. Usually after a bit I just smile, then sigh, & head back to the house.

I will get through this phase & finish her this summer, & I know that she'll be even more lovely when I'm done. Just thought I'd share this personal experience.



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RE: Labor of Love

Aye, she's a buxom lass, she is.  <;-)  I wish you all joy of finishing her so the guys with metal-flake bassboats can start admiring her, too.


RE: Labor of Love

Thanks Michael,

A Buxom Lass, she is!  :-)  . . . 

Take care,


RE: Labor of Love

   You aren't alone. 

I'm building a NED in my basement. 

Granted, it is covered in 3 layers of epoxy now and waiting for me to break out the sander again, but I do the same thing. 

There is just something about getting your hands on something big, beautiful and functional that you built from a pile of wood. 

I imagine that I'll still do the same thing once I'm done sanding, priming, painting and varnishing. (and probably in between all those steps too)

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