Anyone have experience with the Microbootlegger? After a couple of years of enjoying my Chesapeake I am considering another build. Age dictates I consider a lighter tandem and the Microbootlegger seems to fit that need. I was wondering if any builders have achieved the advertised weight and if anyone has experience with the kayaks stability/tracking.  Thanks Mike  

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RE: microbootlegger

I have no experience with that design but that doesn't stop me from having opinions.  It looks like a REALLY neat design and given that Nick designed it, I be it performs wonderfully.  The one negative that I see is that the paddlers are so close together, that if both paddlers are not very disciplined, you end up hitting paddles.  

Regarding weight, it is worth noting that on Nick's pages, he lists 42.7# as the bare hull weight.  You may be able to trim a bit of weight off using hspira's techniques but you will have to add bulkheads, seats, back bands, foot pegs, hatches, handles and a rudder system to that weight.  I bet that anything under 50# would be a good target.

You might get more input on the Microbootlegger on Nick's kayak building forum or from Nick himself.

We have a Shearwater Double that we absolutely love, but it comes in at a heafty 78# fully rigged.  The cockpits are spaced 6.5' apart so the two paddlers do not have to couple their stroke.  It is quite fast and has a 575# payload capacity and lots of storage space.  We transport on a kayak trailer with rollers and use a set of wheels to move it so the weight is not much of an issue.


RE: microbootlegger

   Mark, I have admired your boats since the day I decided to build my Chesapeake and found this forum.  I believe I called them 'motivational' in a previous post. I have been watching NIck's youtube microbootlegger videos but had not thought to check his forum, I will do that.  I do appreciate you input on the boats final weight. As for conflicting paddles, my wife would rather not paddle and I would rather she not paddle. It is a mutually agreed upon arrangement and it makes the deconfliction problem go away. Mike


RE: microbootlegger


Thanks for the kind words.  As a "kayak with a guest seat," I beleive the microBootlegger would be great.  Before building my sailboat, I seriously thought of building one with CLC sailrig.  As you can see from the picture, my wife is MUCH more serious about paddling then yours.


RE: microbootlegger

   MarkN, Nice picture, at least her paddle is assembled, my wife has hers stowed, it is basically a spare in case something happens to mine. But I do know the two of you have raced your tandem. I am still in the decision stage, I may build a light single using Hspira's techniques then apply what I learn to a microbootlegger. I have his entire thread saved in a Word document for later reference. Mike  

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