NE Dory - move gooseneck down?

Hi all,

Yesterday I put up the sail rig for the first time (NE Dory, sloop w/upgrade), and everything went pretty good except for where the tack of the main ended up:

Basically it looks like the rig is just a little too short for the sail. The halyard block is maybe an inch lower than where it could've been due to some aesthetic mast shaping decisions I made a long time ago, and I'm guessing this is where things went awry.

Basically a couple questions come from this - one, is this as big an issue as I think it might be? And if it is, is there any harm in moving the gooseneck down an inch or two to correct?

Thanks for the input.

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RE: NE Dory - move gooseneck down?

Looks like it might be enough to keep you from being able to get good tension on the luff of the mainsail, without which it may set more like a bedsheet on a broomstick.  If you can't get the masthead halyard block any higher, moving the gooseneck down seems the best solution.

Looking at the sail plan, I can see that there isn't a whole lot of extra stick there.  Hopefully, the inch or so you need won't put the already-low gooseneck down to where it would cause other problems.  You might ought to allow some extra--the sail will likely stretch a bit as it breaks in.  I'd get the sail stretched out along the mast good and tight before deciding on the new location.


RE: NE Dory - move gooseneck down?

   Before you move anything, Rig the boat with all of the down haul on one side of the boom. It might look a tad strange on one tack, but it will allow you to get the proper luff tension without moving any fittings. Go sailing. Many times. Maybe all season. Decide what needs to change (maybe nothing) based on real experience. Maybe you will want the gooseneck lower (lower boom ut-oh), Maybe you will want the halyard higher (raising the boom a few inches might be important  to you), Maybe everything works fine and you can just go sailing forever as it is, Maybe you hate sailing and row all the time....

Have fun,


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