Scuffing hull between last 3 varnish coats.

I am finishing my Petral SG.  It is very smooth now with 4 coats of varnish.

I scuffed with green Scoth Bright pads after the first two coats on 2 consectutive days and sanded the last one after coating  2 day later. Then I put on another coat last night.

Can I just use the green scotch bright pads to scuff the surface after/between the next 2 coats  coats and maybe  wet and with 400 grit before last coat?

My concern if not getting a good enough bond on last coats.

Hope to launch on July 01 after 2 weeks to let varnish cure.




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RE: Scuffing hull between last 3 varnish coats.

that'l do.

also pay attention to dust control and dealing with runs/drips for which you will need a sanding block.

almost there....sounds exciting.


RE: Scuffing hull between last 3 varnish coats.

   I am at the same place in a Wood Duck 10 build--prep for and apply last coat of varnish over the next couple days, so getting some tips on that process was very timely.  What is the minimum time you would wait after the last coat before cartopping and getting it wet for the first time?  I am anxious to get in the water, but don't want to come home to find strap marks and excessive scratching in soft varnish that I then have to live with for a few years until the first refinish.  I am in MD, so 80+ degree days and 60 degree nights in the garage while the varnish cures.

RE: Scuffing hull between last 3 varnish coats.

Anthony B, FWIW, I waited 4 days between last coat of Epifane RapidCoat varnish before strapping my Shearwater Sport onto a truck-top rack for its first voyage. I've paddled every day since then, strapping on every time. No strap marks at all...although I'm accumulating my share of hull scratches from usage on the water! Hope that helps. John Phillips

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