Passagemaker Take-Apart - Spacered Inwales


I'm getting to the part of my PMT build where I'll be installing the spacered inwales kit that I bought with the boat.  Question for the wise among us - how does the double-bulkhead affect (if at all) the spacered inwale instructions linked here?  I searched around the forum and couldn't find any guidance on this.

* Without spacered inwales, you do the cutting AFTER you install the outwales.  That seems like it transfers over exactly - we'll install the inwales / outwales before cutting.

* As to the double bulkhead itself, it seems like you would install the spacered inwhale so that there is NOT a gap over the double bulkhead, and then fully install the spacered inwales, and then cut the front of the boat off. 

On one hand this seems rather obvious but I thought I'd check in and see if anyone else had done it before and encountered any difficulties that I'm not thinking of.


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RE: Passagemaker Take-Apart - Spacered Inwales

I applaud your courage to do both the take-apart version and the spacered inwales.  I had originally planned to do both also, but chickened out.

Knowing almost nothing about what I'm about to say, I would make sure that the solid part of your spacered inwales lands directly on the cut line.  This will give you half of the "spacer" on each hull and support the inwale.

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