Time frame to build a teardrop


First post.

Wondering how long it takes to take a teardrop kit to completion, I have 5 weeks until my vacation and want to be sleeping in there by then! Looking forward to chat with y’all!!

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RE: Time frame to build a teardrop

That's a pretty accelerated timeline, but it's certainly doable.  The folks in the class build one in two weeks, but that's with some prep work already done and some work left to do once they roll out.

One factor is delivery time for the kit.  If you can buy one and pick it up, that's one thing.  If you have to wait for shipping, that puts a pretty serious crimp in your plans.

There's also a forum specifically for teardrops where you can ask and get more specificity:


RE: Time frame to build a teardrop

   I have already started, ready for the galley deck install. When I page through the book I’m overwhelmed, just looking for a friendly “you can do this, the rest is all downhill “ kind of thing.

RE: Time frame to build a teardrop

Oh, then you should totally be able to make it happen!  

I finished my Eastport Pram the morning I took it to go camping and I'm trying to finish my Passagemaker in time to take it to a friend's lake house for the 4th, so I feel your pain.

You may be able to just reach a "done enough" state to take it on vacation, then finish up the details later.


RE: Time frame to build a teardrop

If you just want a water-tight closed space with the overhead vent on the trailer that you can throw a sleeping bag into, that's what the people in the class end up with in 2 weeks of constant labor. If you take every weekend before your vacation and can also take additional time off, it should be doable.

It might be easier if you planned on making it a camper-building vacation instead of a camping vacation. Then you could build at your leisure and be sure of doing things right.

If you do decide to camp in the partially-built camper, don't forget to clean out all the sawdust and epoxy dust and try and let it air for a few days. Otherwise you may have some breathing problems.

Good luck,



RE: Time frame to build a teardrop



RE: Time frame to build a teardrop

  Our build took 2 months minus about 10 days with company or waiting for a delivery.

(and we drank some beers)


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