Skerry Sloop Help

Can someone who has a gunter sloop rigged skerry clear up a little confusion for me?

How should the eyestraps the shrouds clip to be oriented?  It looks like they are vertical on the passagemaker's frame, but to orient them that way inside the gunwale leaves a screw penetrating only the hull plywood.  Is a reinforcement inside the hull the way to go?

What did you use for attachment of the forestay & jib at the stem?  There does not seem to be a piece of hardware left in the kit for this location.


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RE: Skerry Sloop Help

Did you get these two?

skerry sloop


RE: Skerry Sloop Help

Eyestraps on innerside gunwales (or on top) .  On my skerry the forstay clips tot an eye on th breathook. Same eye as mooring and trailer rope.

RE: Skerry Sloop Help

   Thanks for the help.  Yes, I have the drawings, I am just not sure which is the best way to mount the eyestraps..

I have another question: what did you do for a mainsheet bridle, or did you rig the mainsheet mid-boom like in the picture on the skerry page (the way the sprit rig is sheeted)?

RE: Skerry Sloop Help

I made the mainsheetbridle at the center of the boom according to the manual. But instead of drilling holes in the seat, I screwed a metal strip with an eye on the underside of the seat. At that eye I clip a ratchet mainsheet block.

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