Sliding Seat vs Sliding Rigger

I was wondering if anyone has considered, or installed the piantedosi slidding rigger in the Wherry.  Rigger is the one where the seat remains stationary while everything else moves.  I am intrigued with keeping the weight centered in the boat as I am on the larger size 

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RE: Sliding Seat vs Sliding Rigger

   I've been fooling around with my wherry using a variety of rowing configurations. I called Gary Piantedosi and discussed his sliding rigger. He looked at the wherry and said it would be difficult because the S/R projects below the monorail, so it would collide with the frames. The reason for this is that while the rower exerts a pretty much a straight downward force, the rigger has both longitudinal and torque forces tocontend with, so it needs to hang on to the rail up, down, and sideways, I think you'd need  a boat that bears the monorail on stanchons (Chester yawl?) to fit the Piantedosi S/R.

Or, find a different sliding rigger. My brother has built a S/R that moves over rails, so it can be done.

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