Cockpit coaming clamps?


Next weekend I’ll be installing my cockpit coaming. Will spring clamps work or do I need c-clamps?

If c-clamps any sources for cheap bulk clamps? I’m guessing I’ll need at least 20 that will never be used for anything but this task. Amazon has 2” clamps pretty cheap. I’m not sure they will be big enough though. Any other recommendations are appreciated. 



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RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

you can do it with spring clamps   that said, a couple c clamps are also useful and so when i do coamings, i usually use both.

i always test fit before glueing and confirm that i can properly position pieces with the clamps i have on hand....if you can't, then at least you recognized the issues prior to messing it up with glue that is curing with the whole thing in the wrong position :)


RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

Here's what I used on my WD12 build. Not only did I do the test fit the way Howard recommended, I also placed a sheet of polyethylene onto the boat so that when the epoxy cured, the coaming did not stick to the boat.

I was then able to remove the coaming and finish sanding and shaping it without having the hull get in the way. This also made glassing the deck a lot easier.

Then when everything else was done, I just glued the complete coaming onto the glassed, weave-filled and sanded hull.

It took 18 clamps, BTW. I bought them on sale at Home Depot for $1.00 each (though it was 10 years ago when I built the boat, so the price may have gone up). FWIW, you can never have too many spring clamps. Since then I've bought dozens more.

Have fun,



RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

   I used what I had, in addition I made a bunch of C-clamps by cutting 4-in diameter PVC pipe into 2-inch long sections, then cutting through one side. I pried these apart and put on the combing, they worked well

RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

   What type of kayak, how much bend is in the deck? I used 32 C clamps on my Chesapeake 16 coaming, the smallest was a 3 inch C clamp. It was my first kayak build and I found the coaming challenging. I kept addding clamps until glue stopped oozing out.  I believe spring clams would have left gaps. I just measured, my coaming is less thatn 1 1/4 inches thick. At its widest point it is 2.5 inches and most of it is narrower than that. 

RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

A man can never have too many clamps.


I have a 4" c clamp holding a carpenter bee trap to the fascia of my shop. A 5" c-clamp held the new kayak floating dock to the piling slide over night while I looked for the right size drill.  I had a c- clamp that holds my truck bed rack in place while I connect it up.  I have a c-clamp that keeps a light over the work bench in the garage.  I have a c-clamp that keeps the dillon loader on the bench.  I bought most of these clamps in the 70s when I was building a Y Flyer sailboat.     To say they will only be used on the cockpit coaming seems a little short sighted.

RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

   I took all of the advice above. I did a test fit with the spring clamps. I wasn’t tight enough. I broke down and bought 20 more c-clamps ($2.99 each at harbor freight). I could have used 10 more. When it’s done I’ll try to find creative uses for them :-) If nothing else when I build my next boat I’ll have plenty of clamps!

RE: Cockpit coaming clamps?

And now with a pic


I ended up using a combo of C-clamps and spring clamps. Not ideal but it works.


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