kayak keel protection


This seems an easy solution for protectiing a kayak keel, has anyone had any experience with pereguard. It does get good reviews. https://www.amazon.com/PereGuard-Kayak-Keel-Guard-Black/dp/B015RXRIX6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1527375264&sr=8-2&keywords=pereguard  


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RE: kayak keel protection

   I have one on my ski boat, bought it over twenty years ago. I use my boat every year and it has saved my hull from lots of beach landings. I think it had somekind of double sided tape to hold it on? I do remember putting it on and I didn't think it would stay on too well, so I used my composite vaccum rig to suck it down under full forse, it's still going strong.

RE: kayak keel protection

   Happy Hooker, thanks. Mike

RE: kayak keel protection

I have had very good luck with a product that apperas to be very similar, called KeelEazy.  The adhesive is directly on the material and it goes on (and comes off) very easy with a heat gun (blow dryer).  It has held up very well for two years on my wife's Frej.  I also use it as a strike guard where I hit the deck with my paddle on my race boats.  It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors.


RE: kayak keel protection

CLC does not sell KeelEazy, but if you're looking for a dealer (and possibly an installer) Friend of CLC Dan Thaler, (whom some of you may know as an occasional poseter here and a multi-year prize winner at Okoumefest for his high-quality interpretations of CLC boats) is now a KeelEazy dealer through his Moonlight Marine boatbuilding company.

So if you're considering using the stuff, also considering sending some business toward one of our own.



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