Teardrop Quarter Panels

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First time builder here on the CLC Teardrop and I've come to the section of the build where you are to stitch the quarter panels onto the side panels of the trailer.  All the videos and articles i've read seem to say the quarter panels should rest on the galley flat seam.  The problem i am having is the quarter panels seem to over hang passed the galley flat on a diagonal well past the seam where these are supposed to be "tac welded" with the CA glue. It doesn't seem like anything is out of position, i'm wondering if it's okay to remove the excess from these panels so they fit accordingly or if anyone else has any ideas as to what I might do/if i've done something wrong to get to this point?

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RE: Teardrop Quarter Panels

   Builder Brian

There's a dedicated forum just for Teardrops. I'd move your question over there to get some experienced advice.

Western Flyer

RE: Teardrop Quarter Panels

That forum, BTW, is at Teardrop Forum. There's also a button on the first page of this forum that will get you to the Teardrop forum. And don't forget, you can also use the customer service link at the top of this page to talk directly to the designers and builders at CLC. You paid for that service when you bought the kit or plans, might as well use it when you need it.

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RE: Teardrop Quarter Panels

Also, don't hesitate to post pics with your question when you get there.  Good luck!

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