Chesapeake 16 Kit - Measurements off

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the forums. First post! I’m building a Chesapeake 16 from a kit. My first boat as well, unless you count a wood/fiberglass 3’ model sailboat. I just installed the deck beams and my measurements for my fore deck beam were off the plans. I remember that my bulkhead locations were also off but the instructions said within a few inches was Ok. I’m just wondering if I made a mistake early on that’s going to come back to bite me or if this is normal. My measurements vs the plans are :

Foredeck beam: Plans, 20”, reality, 22” (after significant shaping) was at 26”+ before.

Forward bulkhead: Plans, 63”, reality, 60”

Aft bulkhead: Plans, 118”, reality 119”

Maybe I’m overreacting but I like things to be precise and several inches off is not precise in my book...

Thanks in advance for you feedback!

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RE: Chesapeake 16 Kit - Measurements off

I had the same issue with both the 16LT and 17LT that I build.  If you look at the geometry, slight variations in width of the hull result in the inch or two variation in BH position.  I installed the bulkheads where they fit best and everything came out fine.  After my boats were completed, somebody else asked the same question and IIRC, John Harris said the BH position would match plans if you remove the spreader stick before installing bulkheads.  In any event, it is a homebuilt and a small variation in width will not matter at all.


RE: Chesapeake 16 Kit - Measurements off

John,  When I buillt my 16 I asked the same question. I put the bulkheads where they fit best, I trimmed the foredeck beam to fit at the correct location. Mike



RE: Chesapeake 16 Kit - Measurements off

   Thanks guys! I got the deck on this weekend and everything looks great! The small variations don’t seem to matter. I did the same as Mike. Bulkheads where they fit and trimmed the foredeck beam.


RE: Chesapeake 16 Kit - Measurements off

Big step getting the deck on, you will love the way it paddles. I am taking mine out of winter hibernation (my basement) and putting a new seat in this week (creature comfort). Hope to have it on the water the following week. 

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