Passagemaker Plans Build - Slight Plan Deviations

Once upon a time there was an awesome website called  On it were hundreds of threads dating back to the dawn of time where PMD builders posted stuff that was highly specific to PMD builders.  I guess the thought was to spare the CLC forum from the minutiae of the trials and tribulations that only PMD builders go through.

I was lucky enough to have the forethought to read the entire website before it shut down.  Upon doing so, I made some notes.  Unfortunately, most of the notes contained links to the now defunct website, but others were self-evident.

For example, there was some discussion about real (e.g. 200 pound) men sitting heavily down on the stern thwart in the heat of battle and breaking the fillet that supports that particular part.  The solution - install cleats under the seat, epoxied to the hull, that give more support than just a bead of "peanut butter".

I'm happy to say that even before I gooped the seats in place, they're rock solid sitting on the "optional" cleats.  This is a very easy and cheap insurance policy that I highly recommend.  I placed the thwarts in place and traced the top surface, used a 9mm shim to measure the offset and epoxied two strips of 9mm cleats in place.  

Anyway, as I progress through the rest of my build (I'm at 100 hours now), I'll post any major transgressions I may make upon the holy manual of building.

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