How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?

I have just finished a Peeler Skiff and have it on a Easy Loader trailer. The bow is 36 inches above the trailer tongue. With no help how do you launch and reload the boat. Its a long step from the tounue to the bow of the boat. I can launch by sliding it off the trailer with rope tied to trailer then pull it back to shore  but when I drive it back on the trailer I have get out and its a long step down to the tongue. Thanks for any help.





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RE: How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?


I'm 72 and have a similar issue at one of the places that I launch my Peeler. I usually solve the problem with large muscular grandsons. If alone, I can put my shoulder into it and get enough of the stern in the water to get the weight off the bunkers so she slides more easily. Surprisingly, getting her back on the trailer is easier by attaching the trailer winch to the painter at first and then re-attaching the winch to the bow eye to get her the rest of the way on the trailer.

I'm getting too old to do that when a grandson isn't available, so I look for ramps that are steep enough to back until she floats off (before the car tires reach the saltwater).



RE: How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?

On some sailboat trailers, there's a "mast" on the tongue that has integrated ladder/steps to be able to climb from the bow to the tow vehicle.  It's basically a square tube with saddle bolts and backing plate that sandwich the tongue.  Or maybe a sturdy gear box on the tongue to help you make the transition.

RE: How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?

Lee, here is how I do it.

First buy a pair of hip boots. 

Launching requires backing the trailer into the water  until the stern starts to float. At that point the rear tires of my Honda CRV are in the water.  Wade to the bow and push it off the trailer while holding the bow line. Tie the boat to the dock then park the trailer and leave the hip boots in the car.

When you return tie your Peeler to the dock, put your hip boots on and get behind the wheel. Back the trailer into the water until trailer bunks are halfway immersed. Wade into the water and, with the bow line, maneuver the bow so it lines up between the bunks. Pull it on to the bunks, attach the winch line and crank the boat onto the trailer.  Get in the car and drive the trailer off the ramp then take off the hip boots.

I initially used boots that were 16 inches tall.  Invariably water came over the top. This procedure might take a while to perfect but it gives onlookers a chance to say “nice boat, did you make it yourself?”


RE: How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?

I use a similar technique to launch and recover a 2900# Menger 19 catboat, except I went with full waders on account of I occasionally need to get in waist-deep when recovering to get the boat situated squarely on the trailer before winching her up.  Your Peeler won't likely go that deep.

If you're deailing with a cross breeze, try to get the dock or float on the leeward side of the boat so the wind will hold her against the dock until you get around to tie her up properly.  Otherwise, you can rig up a jackline so that the wind won't blow the boat sidewise on you to make the process more difficult.


RE: How to launch and recover a Peeler Skiff with no help?

Too late for you, but I bought a roller trailer for the 18 ft plywood skiff I built.

Has at least 20 rollers, and the boat rolls off and on easily.

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