Canvas 'decking' for Ann. Wherry?

I row in salt water and am interested in the possibility of making fore and aft canvas 'decks' for my Annapolis Wherry so that the bulk of an unexpected wake or wave would be deflected.  This would bring it a bit closer to Expedition Wherry capability without 30 lbs of wood decking.  I imagine wood or PVC framing or battens to make it stand up, and snaps around the rub rail. 

Has anyone tried making such a thing? 

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RE: Canvas 'decking' for Ann. Wherry?

 I've seen photos of this sort of thing being done with canoes.  I particularly sort of remember seeing this on a particular plywood design I was looking at recently, but hang me for a pirate if I can remember exactly what it was.  Anyway, an internet search for "canoe spray deck" will produce some examples which may give you some ideas to think on.


RE: Canvas 'decking' for Ann. Wherry?

   Grmaps us talking abour "spray decking" on canoes. Here is some words on a spray deck.  Note the attach points on the outside of the hull.

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