Passagemaker Plans Build - Sharkfin Profile

I just spent 30 minutes looking for the "sharkfin" part that is used to reinforce the bulkhead ends where they intersect the gunwale on the take apart version.  It's clearly shown in the manual, but I wasn't able to find the actual layout of the part in the plans.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this silly little part?  I know I can trace the ends of the bulkheads as Plan B if needed.

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RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Sharkfin Profile

We built ours from a kit, so I don't know about the plans.  I can tell you that the pieces were in the kit and did make it into the boat.  Tracin' 'em off the bulkheads should work, if you can determine the height somehow.  I guess dry fitting the bulkheads with the forward seat would yield a measurement for that.


RE: Passagemaker Plans Build - Sharkfin Profile

Thanks, Michael.  I placed the bulkhead into the thwart and traced the profile onto a piece of paper.  I then traced that onto masonite and cut it out.  I then compared that profile with all of the bulkheads and while not perfect, they were all within striking distance.

I think I'm going to go through the three large sheets of paper plans and make a list of each part on each sheet and make a spreadsheet and publish it here for posterity.

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