Lug rig spar blanks longer than patterns

I'm shaping the spars for my NE Dory. The blanks are about 3/8th" longer than the patterns.

Before I cut off those ends forever, just a sanity check: there's no need for extra materia there? 

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RE: Lug rig spar blanks longer than patterns


Don't overthink it. Spars are not a high precision item in length, especially on a single-sail balanced lug.

If it was me, I'd leave it. I'd be sanding and rounding the edges and ends anyway, so any excess would be substantially reduced, if not completely eliminated.

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RE: Lug rig spar blanks longer than patterns

Thanks Laszlo. Hard to know what to overthink sometimes.... Yes I'll trim them down in the end. For now it's nice to have a bit extra to guide the circular saw.

An observation: having trimmed both ends of one spar, and given it a good roundover all over, I'm amazed how well balanced and light the spar feels compared to the blank. I wouldn't have predicted how much the central concentration of weight affected the ease of balancing it in the hand from the middle.

PS: my neighbour just dropped by; quoth she: "You're in the driveway working on the boat. Spring must be here!"

RE: Lug rig spar blanks longer than patterns

One thing I would suggest is to lash your sail in place on the spars to help judge the tack/clew/throat/peak locations.  You want the lashing points to be directly out from the center of pressure point on the sail to help reduce wrinkles.

For example, if the lashing points on the yard and sail are parallel, then it's difficult to adjust outhaul tension and the shape of the bottom of the sail (if you're into loose-footed mains).

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