2018 R2AK

I just saw on the R2AK web site, a NE Dory has entered this year. And better yet, he is from BOISE!!!!! George AKA Popsicle Toes, if you see this let me know. I thought I might be the only Dory owner in Idaho, let alone Boise!!!! I would love to talk with you and can’t wait to follow you in the race!

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RE: 2018 R2AK

I see several Idaho-based NE Dory owners listed in the Builder's Club, including at least three in the Treasure Valley area.  And I'm putting the finishing touches on mine, a first build, in Moscow ID.  I won't be entering the R2AK anytime soon, but I know the greater Port Townsend area well and may even be in the area to witness the start of this year's race.  Good luck, Popsicle Toes!

RE: 2018 R2AK

I have done the rigging for several R2AK boats in the past (usually a day or two before the start) and love the event.  While I'll probably never participate (I now have a son and unsupported races are probably not in my near future), I'm very conveniently located to observe.  I attend the Wooden Boat Festival in PT every year.  

With that being said, I have given some thought to participating in the Texas 200 (where you probably won't freeze to death).  I'm just starting my Passagemaker so that it's done in time for it getting warm.

There was a previous discussion years ago on this forum about having some sort raid-type event in the San Juan Islands, which I still think is an interesting idea.


Until plans for the NanoShip 3.0 become available, I plan on at least one yearly excursion into the San Juans on my PM, hopefully one day with my son.

P.S.  Thanks Laszlo for the site search reminder.

RE: 2018 R2AK

I have tried to use the builders club before and always received an error.  I just checked and it worked, I was surprised to see several owners close to me. I was also surprised to see that I am not listed? How do I add myself to the list? I am going to see about contacting them and maybe once the water melts we can have a Dory day at Lucky Peak!   

RE: 2018 R2AK


I was the one who started that thread about sailing around the San Jaun’s. And I agree I think it would be a fun event. Maybe we should suggest that to the R2AK organizers.  A smaller more manageable race, rather than the full-on death defying event. Something as a training ground for potential R2AKers.


RE: 2018 R2AK

Hey Mike,

I am a more hands-on kind of guy, so I'd be happy to organize something like that (I used to be VP of Events for Lats & Atts magazine), so I'd prefer to keep the organization in-house. 

The R2AK crowd is a little crazy (in a good way), but I think there are tons of more sedate people in the PNW that would love to sail/kayak around the San Juans in an organized event (even if there is no support), get a t-shirt to commemorate the event and possibly to even give them an excuse to hurry up and finish their build.

For example, I'm already feeling the urgency to make my scarf joints to start joining my sheets of plywood together so I can then pre-coat the parts before I actually start stitching my PM together.  I literally just installed a thermometer in the shop to make sure I know what temps I'm dealing with for the epoxy to cure overnight with a heater underneath the workbench.

RE: 2018 R2AK

Well Captain, all I can say is GO FOR IT!    

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