The mistakes I made...but enjoying the journey

Thought I would post the mistakes I made and am continuing to make along my journey with the PMD.

1. I sanded off the bottom big tabs on the Bulkheads. Although they seemed larger than rest of tabs, they were not present in the manual pics. Hoping I can still place correctly in boat.

2.  I sanded and aligned up all the puzzle joints before gluing. This worked fine except when I mixed too much batch and hurried along and snapped one of the puzzle fingers. It glued back very easily and of little notice. I think it saved me more time in figuring out what went where.

3. I glued the doublers on before epoxy. It is much easier to roll everything flat before gluing. 

4. And I can't forget how I stacked the planks the wrong way instead of  a neat pile with all the joints lined up. The scott towel plastic got stuck to the joint and I thought I was going to have to name my boat "Brawny". Now it is just a little hint of red dye left. LOL

Wish List:

Note section in manual (So I don't do it again. Things gone right, don't want to forget) 

Time section to log time spend with task(s)

Book to post pics with comments...after all the journey is half the fun...RIGHT?!?


Novice boat builder at night...bookkeeper by day! LOL



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RE: The mistakes I made...but enjoying the journey

I noticed your comment, Kboating, about the spot for "Time section to log time ...". I am using a phone app on my Android phone called Gleeo Time Tracker. It is in Google Play, well rated by others as well, and free (in-app purchases but these are not needed for personal projects without colaboration).

Like you, I like to track how long I take - for me I want to see what multiple of the time suggested I require! ;-) I hope you find this useful!

RE: The mistakes I made...but enjoying the journey

   I feel your pain.  Two mistakes I made could have saved me a ton of time building the Kaholo.  Easily fixable but cost time.

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