Varnish over epoxy

Hi forum, hope you all had a great Xmas. I am about to put epoxy cloth onto the deck of my Mill Creek 13. When nailing the deck on epoxy glue (west system thickened) fingerprints etc are now on the deck. Will they show up when I put the cloth & varnish on? Sanding them out may remove too much wood. Thanks, Chris in New Zealand. 

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RE: Varnish over epoxy


If you're talking about epoxy fingerprints on bare wood, those go away when you glass the deck. If it's thickened epoxy (mixed with woodflour & such), those need a light sanding befoe you glass the deck.

You want to removed just the thickened layer without getting into the wood. The result should be pure epoxy fingerprints where the wood has absorbed the epoxy, but no thickening agent. They will still be quite visible against the wood, but will disappear whe you put the glass on.

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RE: Varnish over epoxy

if you have a concern, you can always do a seal coat of epoxy prior to glassing.

seal coats, while they make the process take a bit longer, actually help you get a cleaner glass job because you seal the wood with epoxy prior to the glassing which makes it easier to wet out the cloth when you do that step.  it also helps avoid problems like outgassing.

the advantage of a seal coat given your question, is that the 'fingerprints' should disappear with the seal coat.  if they don't then you can lightly sand them to get rid of them...becuase they imply that it's woodflour on top of the wood that is making the fingerprints....if they're all good.

if they don't disappear and you now have glass on top of them, you would have to sand through the glass to correct the problem.


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