Eastport Nesting Pram planking questions

Hi all,

I'm building an ENP from kit and wiring up the hull with some questions.

#1.  In my photo below (viewing the ENP from above), plank #4 gently flares outward at the forward transom.  Is this normal, or should I unwire the "plank(s)" and either tilt the forward transom a bit more forward (which I think might help but not likely result in a completely fair curve as plank 4 approaches the bow) or plane the upper port and starboard profiles of the forward transom?

#2.  In wiring the successive planks to the bottom and to each other, the plank ends should seem to want to "tuck into" the notches on the forward and aft transoms.  The next photos show the plank ends "almost make it" but not quite.  Are these instances where I should coax the planks to lap a bit more so the ends fall neatly into their respective slots?