Mill Creek 13

Hi all, I am building a Mill Creek 13 down here in New Zealand. I am up to glueing the carlins but here in the metric world a decision is needed do I go thicker or thinner. The plans call for 1/2 x3/4 but the nearest I can get is either 3/4 x 3/4 or 3/8 x 3/4. Thicker is stronger & heavier but harder to bend especially after glueing to the sheer panel. Any thoughts any one? cheers & thanks, Chris

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RE: Mill Creek 13

Hey Chris,

This may be a slam-dunk.  Laminate two strips of 3/8"x3/4" to make a 3/4"x3/4".  It'll be a bit beefier and easier to bend.  The boat will only weigh a few ounces more.  My $0.02, YMMV...

RE: Mill Creek 13

   Sorry an ammendment to my post. I was refering to the Sheer Clamps not the carlins. Also the thinner wood 3/8 x 3/4 may be harder to put the deck nails into without splitting the wood and aligning the center point to drive the nails into. Thanks, Chris .

RE: Mill Creek 13


  Or buy the 20mmx20mm and plane away 7mm on one face. Then you will have 13x20mm (1/2"x3/4"). You should be using a soft wood, so this will take no time with a sharp plane. Planing is fun. Then make yourself a greenland style paddle from a cedar 50x100mm (2"x4") with your new plane for your new kayak.


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