Wood Flour Substitute

Finishing up final construction of my Eastport and noticed I have very little wood flour left. I'm almost done with any fillet work, but not quite. Also, will have some holes left to fill before epoxy coats.

Can I substitute the dust from sanding that I collect from my orbital sander? Often I leave the little bag attached instead of hooking it up to the vacuum hose when I'm sanding in a tight spot, then suck it out when it fills. I could save quite a bit of this if I tried.

Would fine wood dust make a reasonable substitute for wood flour?


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RE: Wood Flour Substitute

That's what I used for the fillets.   

RE: Wood Flour Substitute

Thanks JCole,

Wasn't sure if there is anything in the "flour" that's useful. I think I'll start saving what wood dust doesn't get sucked up in the dust deputy. Suprised I haven't seen that as a "tip" somewhere.


RE: Wood Flour Substitute


You may want to run it through a set of strainers and flour sifters to get the really fine flour-like powder and to remove any splinters that could snag the glass, your gloves, etc.

The idea keeps perenially re-appearing as a tip on pretty much every boatbuilding forum (this one included), either as an inquiry like yours, a hey-look-what-I've-found tip or in some cases as a sticking-it-to-the-man taunt showing that the guy's found a way to get around "them" and "their" conspiracy of high prices which are just meant to screw the poor ordinary struggling boatbuilder.

Congratulations on your independent re-invention and thanks for not using the word "sheeple" :-)

Have fun,



RE: Wood Flour Substitute


I also try not to use the word "newbie." (Even though I sometimes resemble one. :-)

OK, I'm repurposing Grandma's sifter:

What other sorts of "strainers" are you talking about? I might be able to find a chunk of mosquito netting fabric lying around, but any screening seems like it would have too big of holes.


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