Rit dye

i have read back to 2009 previous posts about staining and using dye under the epoxy.  Has anyone used Rit fabric dye. I'm liking the colors with this product as opposed to the traditional Behlen stain colors. I'm scratch building a hollow surfboard with cedar/oak/cherry strips. Looking for a red or green color. Thanks

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RE: Rit dye

It's generally recommneded that you use an analine dye. I'm building a kayak and have stained the hull a dark forest green.I got the dye from this site and I'm very pleased with the color.


They have a good selection of color and I can tell you after buying 2 1 oz packages that a 1 oz pack will be more than enough.


RE: Rit dye

From the Rit Dye FAQ page under "What WILL Rit Dye?" :

Unfinished wood and wicker: furniture, picture frames, moldings, shutters, wicker baskets, straw, rattan and sisal squares


RE: Rit dye

Yes you can use it but I highly recommend using something that will be more permanent when used to color something that will spend much of its lifetime outdoors in the sun.

RIT is fine for some fabrics but - despite their recommended uses described in Laszlo’s post above - there are more stable alternatives out there for your intended use.

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