Kaholo 14: Positioning of Long Deck Pads?

Well I am just about finished my kit build and it's my first post here.  The build went well and I got great help from the forum.

Is anyone using the long deck pads that come with the kit?  I am wondering where to place them.  The manual gives a location for the SHORT deck pads of 1857mm from the bow but no location is given for the long pads, each of which measures 1890mm in length.

For those of you padding the K14: how far forward and how far back do you move when paddling?  I'd guess you go quite far back to spin the board around.

If I locate the front of the long pads 1857mm back from the bow, same as the short pads, then the back of the long pads are just 420mmm from the tail.

Any advice would be most appreciated.  - Greg





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RE: Kaholo 14: Positioning of Long Deck Pads?

���Late reply but I thought I'd pitch in so this post isn't blank. I placed mine smack dab in the middle with it a few3-4" back of where the middle of the pads to the midpoint of the handles(if that makes sense) I also carry my 60lbs dog in the front of the pads so I stand about 5-8inches behind the handles

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