Preparing for cedar strip work

Hi all, first time builder here.  I'll be working on a Shearwater Sport Hybrid this winter in New England.  I have never built a boat before, although I am a traditional tobacco pipe maker ( and have some woodworking experience.  My question is what can I do, as I'm waiting for my kit to arrive, to read up on/prepare myself for customizing the deck with the cedar stripping?  I'd like to research what's involved in laying it out and executing it as well as I possibly can.  

Thanks!  And I look forward to joining this community.


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RE: Preparing for cedar strip work

there are lots of great things you can do while waiting:

if you haven't ordered the book:  or i would order at least one of them and read it cover to cover.  either is a great prep and reference model for any work involving strip including a hybrid.

second, there a a lot of video's on you-tube related to strip built boat-buliding as well as stitch and glue....with great how-tos that are good prep.  just google 'strip-built kayak' and there will be plenty of stuff to view.

third, browse and search the forum  which is focused very much on the strip-build community.  lots of great reads and threads that you will find there.

fourth, i will often start to create a scrap-book of strip designs that i like and begin to plan out what i would like to do well before anything arrives.  in a strip built you have incredible freedom in the stripping pattern as well as rigging.  in a strip built, a lot of the work for the rigging needs to be planned prior to the deck being attached to the you can begin to sort that out while waiting and then look for references in the material above relative to execution.

fifth, consider searching the builders club  for a person close by who has built something similar.  i have had a lot of folks contact me over the years and have had them swing by to show them what it takes and to provide support and tips.  its a great way to meet the community as well.

hope that helps and welcome to the club




RE: Preparing for cedar strip work

Super helpful!  Thanks so much!    

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