mast step for round Skerry lug rig

Hi. Could I get some collective advice on installing a round maststep on a Skerry?

I'm finishng a Skerry (yay!), and am using a round carbon/kevlar mast instead of the wood square one. If you were building it, how would you secure the mast? I'm wondering if I should key it, to keep the mast from spinning in its now round socket. Also, how would you secure it so the mast doesn't fall out if tipped? 



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RE: mast step for round Skerry lug rig


RE: mast step for round Skerry lug rig

I don't think you need to worry about securing the round carbon fiber mast from rotating.  The gooseneck on the boom should pivot as needed.

Make sure you research how to attach metal hardware to carbon fiber.  You can get pretty serious electrolysis that will rapidly destroy your nice, pretty, expensive mast.

RE: mast step for round Skerry lug rig

Lugs don't have goosenecks, do they?

If that's a balanced lug rig, the boom and yard will rotate around the mast. Unless they catch on something, the mast itself shouldn't rotate.

In case it does, it'd be good to make sure that the friction between the mast and step doesn't abrade the mast. Some leather either lining the step or wrapped around the mast should help with that. And don't forget the mast partner, too.

Have fun,



RE: mast step for round Skerry lug rig

Ha!  Laszlo has an interesting point.  On page 25 of my Eastport Pram "Finishing the Spars and Tiller", step 4 refers to fitting the "gooseneck" for the standard lug (read not balanced).  It looks like the original sail plan for the Skerry was a sprit rig (hence no gooseneck) and a balanced lug I guess has more of a "snotter" type rig (so also no gooseneck).  The skerry page also says that a gunter-sloop rig is becoming popular (which also uses a gooseneck).  I just did a knee-jerk response with my own knowledge of my lug rig.

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