Cocktail class carlins

I'm installing the carlins on a cocktail class racer.  The manual states that the carlins are cut a little longer than necessary and the picture shows the extra length as about 1-2 inches.  My carlins are 18 inches too long.  I am measuring from bulkhead 3, per the manual.  Is this consistent with what others have experienced?  I'm sure I have the correct parts, 3/4 x 1/2 inch strip of wood.  Thanks for your help.

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RE: Cocktail class carlins

   The carlins are 3/4 x 1/2 inch strips epoxied along the top, outside edges of the air tank sides, from the transom forward to Frame 3.  If the strips supplied in the kit are 18 inches too long, cut them to fit and keep the leftovers for other projects.  It is okay to extend the carlins forward to Frame 2.  It isn't okay to put in carlins that are too short!  Good luck.

RE: Cocktail class carlins

   Thanks for your help.  If I notch frame 3, the carlins will fit from frame 2 to the transome with about 4" to spare, similar to the photo in the manual.  I'll try that and see how it goes.

RE: Cocktail class carlins

   I came to this particular conversation late, and had already installed the carlins according to the kit instructions.  However, I went ahead and installed two short ones between frames 2 and 3, figuring it's better to have them there than not.  The kit instructions should be changed to reflect this.

Another advantage of doing this is that I was able to raise the "new" carlins a couple millimeters at the front end to make them flush with frame 2.  As the boat is now, the cockpit side's top edge sits slightly below the top edge of frame 2, so this provides a better attachment for the eventual deck.

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