I just returned from Kona, where we did a poopload of outrigger paddling, in singles and traditional 6 person.  I had the luck of meeting on the water a maker of standup paddleboards (Hulakai brand) who consented to trading watercraft.  I fell in three times and found it very easy to climb back up.  Following his instructions to focus far ahead and keep the legs and hips loose, I began to make the board MOVE.  If y'all get a chance to try one, do.  It is the strangest thing to feel so much more connected to the water than I ever have in a kayak or canoe.

To find that SUP riders competed in the Molokai Challenge (32 mi Molokai to Oahu) impressed me even more!  With a finishing time in 2004 of 4hr 45min the winner clocked an average speed of 6.73 mi/hr.

After surfing the web a bit I found that the weight of CLC's Kaholo exceeds the 20# of the C4 Waterman carbon fiber 14' craft but at a much lower price point.  If the bug is still in my system in three weeks, I'm building one!


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RE: Aloha!


I'd be willing to wager you can shave the weight of the Kaholo considerably off the marketed finished weight.  CLC puts a fair bit of wiggle room in their design specs to accommodate all types of builders from novices on up.  I built my Northbay a shade lighter (about 10 pounds) than the marketed weight and I didn't do too many things to deliberately save on the weight.

Build one and I 98% guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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