My WD12 is 3 weekends old, and the Stained Sapale on the Deck Under many layers of System Three WR-LPU Clear Gloss Polyurethane and S3 Marine Spar Varnish seems to be fading in large spots already.

The spots are about 6-10" scattered  at random around the deck, and the Fiberglass is beginning to show through.  It is probably also happening over the Okoume, but less noticible there because it's lighter in color.

The big Q is, "What the heck did I do wrong?!!".  I thought S3 was a quallity product.



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RE: Fading

Bummer... real disappointment after so much work.

My guess is the stain you chose isn't particularly noted for its resistance to fading under outdoor conditions.

All stains aren't the same; what manufacturers use to compound their products are either dyes or solid pigments. Both caregories include literally hundreds of compounds, all vary in their degree of resistance to fading.

I'd look for a stain product intended for outdoor exposure (like deck stain) were I contemplating what you've already accomplished.

RE: Fading

So you think it's the stain,  not the varnish or LPU?

I used Behlen, the brand that CLC sells.

Come to think of it now, the stain straight up was too dark. I did thin it. Would that make it fade though?


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