Building a boat outside?


I really want to build the Mystery, but my indoor workspace falls a few feet short. Has anyone had experience building something like this outside? I realize their are a host of problems with this, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight or if I should just give up on the idea of a long boat. This would be my sixth build. And I have already glassed and varnished outside so I know how rough that can be. 



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RE: Building a boat outside?

I've given serious thought to building a boat in my spot in our parking garage, but we have serious security/crime issues here in Seattle.  If you've got a secure location, with the purchase of a $130 portable car canopy (10'x20'), I think you could totally do it.  You won't be able to get a museum piece finish once you get to that stage, but that's not what I'm going for anyway. 

RE: Building a boat outside?

i routinely build in an unheated garage......and work with the door open.

the main issue from my point of view is you need cover to avoid the work (and tools and material) from getting wet.   staying out of the sun might be helpful too (or having the ability to work at night with lights)

for a Mystery you also need a surface with reliable support for your strongback....

i think the portable car canopy sounds like a good idea and the 10X20 will just need to ensure you have a way to close off the ends when you are done working.


RE: Building a boat outside?

   I started my Dory in the garage but it took up too much room so I just moved it outside and strung a cheap Harbor Freight blue tarp over with a rope and let it drape down and cover it complelety when I am not working on it.  I have anchor points at the 4 cornes that I use when working on it to lift the sides.  So far it is working out great....

RE: Building a boat outside?

   Why would working outside degrade the finish?

RE: Building a boat outside?

Dust, bugs, pollen, bee excrement (not a joke, actually happened on one pf my builds), spider webs, etc. can get onto the boat. Less likely in a closed building.



RE: Building a boat outside?

   One of my epoxy coats became slightly milky when damp air moved in overnight as it cured. It is still that way two years later but hasn't given me any functional problems.

RE: Building a boat outside?

   Thanks for all the replies. Good to know it can happen. I got to paddle a friends Mystery for about ten miles on Friday and am only more excited to get it done. Now I just have to glass the SUP I am making for a friend. 

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