is all of this epoxying and varnishing necessary?

Throughout my NE Dory build I've been trying to keep the epoxy use to a minimum, e.g. not applying it to surfaces that will be subsequently glued to something else, e.g. the bottom of the daggerboard trunk.

I'm putting the interior together now, and is it correct that the purpose of the varnish is for UV protection and aesthetics? In that case there's no need to varnish anything that will not see the light of day? E.g. undersides of thwarts, inside the rear thwart, bulkheads that will be covered in styrofoam buoyancy, etc.? It occurs to me that I never varnished the inside of the dagger board trunk, but the manual doesn't call for that. So why not the same treatment elsewhere?

Likewise, I'm planning to go a bit thinner with the epoxy on some of those places, e.g. the inside faces of the styrofoam. As far as I know they're going to be put in place and never touched again. 

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RE: is all of this epoxying and varnishing necessary?

   You are right that if no UV or eyeballs will hit the interior surfaces, varnish is only for the show-offs, in my opinion.  That said, I take John Harris at his word that the best defense of the wood, especially the okume, is a complete epoxy encapsulation.  I was trying for light coats on everything on my skerry, especially the non-fiberglassed surfaces, and had to go over things an extra time or two when postcure inspections showed some thin spots where I could tell from the change in sheen that I hadn't gotten the wood coated completely.  And this was before I started the final sanding.  Needless to say, there were some spot recoats when I worked through the epoxy with sandpaper by accident.  I gave up on the ROS sander for all but near flat/convex surfaces. Most of the interior was hand sanded.  The fillet interior corners were sanded w/ a contour sander.  That said, I managed a good painted working finish, but not a show finish by any means.  Patience and time ran out. But I did seal everything, and inside the bow and stern tanks, I slathered some extra resin because I figure if it gets wet in there, I'm less likely to spot it.

RE: is all of this epoxying and varnishing necessary?

   I only used varnish on the seats. Everything else was painted. The manual states that paint is more durable.

RE: is all of this epoxying and varnishing necessary?

   My rails and breasthooks are the only part of the hull that's varnished.  The rudder, tiller, daggerboard are varnished as well.  I'm pleased w/ how the varnish holds up.  It can get abraded, but it's easier to touch up varnish than the paint, IMO.  I epoxy coated and varnished the mast and spars as well.  

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