Teardrop to Trailex Trailer

Getting ready to attach my teadrop to the Trailex trailer and I see that I am supposed to add 'risers' between the camper and trailer. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the risers? I would think the camper-trailer connection would be more secure if it set firmly on the trailer. Also, do I need to make the risers? Wood? Is there a reason the risers are circular? Obviously, I did not receive any risers in either my teardrop or Trailex kit.


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RE: Teardrop to Trailex Trailer

The risers compensate on the outsides of the bottom board for the difference in hight that the middle plank creates. Also, the risers have little rubber pad in addition to the solid pucks. Those help 1) with vibration diffusion which induces long-term wear and tear and 2) probably gives a bit more water seal around the screw hole.

RE: Teardrop to Trailex Trailer

   Over on the CLC teardrop forum I followed friz's advice to use hockey pucks.  I bought a dozen on eBay for a very reasonable cost, and used 8 on my Northern Tools trailer.   They work great.

RE: Teardrop to Trailex Trailer

   Does anyone have a picture of these "risers" and how this is fastened to the trailer? Thanks.

Tom in TX, considering building a Teardrop

RE: Teardrop to Trailex Trailer

   here's a link to a thread by a teardrop builder named friz.  he pioneered the idea of using hockey pucks as vibration dampeners.


the teardrop builder's forum is on a different system than this one, and requires a different registration login from this forum (not sure why CLC set it up that way).  but, you should be able to view any thread or post, just not able to reply without signing up.

friz, and many of the rest of us, went with the Northern Tools aluminum trailer, but you''l get the idea you need for your trailer from the above thread.


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