Cradle/Stand for Eastport Pram

As I inch forward to completion of my Eastport, I'm now wondering how the heck am I going to store her when she's done. I'd like to make a cradle or something that she'll set in/on when she's out of the water & near my sailboat's dock. Unfortunately, davits won't work for my small sailboat & there's not much deck space, either.

Has anyone designed something like this? I suspect it won't be too hard to knock something together, but I imagine some of you have already come up with some pretty elegant ways of keeping their boats up off the ground or rocks when not in the water.



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RE: Cradle/Stand for Eastport Pram

If you're a plans builder, you can use the drawings of the bulkheads as negatives to develop the curve for the cradle.  Don't forget to offset for the planking.

If you're a kit builder, you can make a template from cardboard straight edges, duct-taped together at the stations where you want the cradle to hit.  Then take those developed curves and cut out your cradle out from there.

RE: Cradle/Stand for Eastport Pram

If it’s just storage on the floor or the ground, you can use rigid foam insulation and pool noodles or pipe insulation to place and block up the boat.

Making templates out of corrugated cardboard is a proven method for many boat building situations.

RE: Cradle/Stand for Eastport Pram

Yeah, I've already rough drawn a down-n-dirt stand that should work for a while. For a nicer cradle in the future, though, looks like templates are the way to go.



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